As an authentic Zaanse Schans museum, Museum Zaan Time is one of the most interesting attractions of the Zaan region. The museum is located in a picturesque 17th century craftsman house from Assendelft. Enter a historic interior with period rooms that take you back in time. Here you can admire the iconic Zaan Clocks up close and get acquainted with typical Dutch heritage. Are you interested in clocks, timepieces, watches or the concept of ‘time’ and do you want to experience Dutch history, then you should not miss Museum Zaanse Tijd!

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Virtual Museum

Museum Zaanse Tijd can be visited physically, but maybe you want a taste of what awaits you in the museum? Then visit the virtual museum. Here you will get an insight into all the exhibitions that can be seen in the museum and you will be guided along a number of our masterpieces.


The collection of Museum Zaanse Tijd mainly consists of timepieces. Of course, the iconic Zaan Clock is abundantly represented. The collection also includes longcase clocks, table clocks, wall clocks, watches and turret clocks, as well as other timepieces such as hourglasses, sundials and the tools to make them. You can admire them all up close in the museum.


BIM BAM BOOM! That’s how all bells toll. Yet clocks don’t just make loud noises, they do so much more. How do they work? Why are there so many different ones? And what makes them so important, both then and now? Behind the timepieces in our museum lies a whole voyage of discovery! Look further on the website and go on a watchmaking adventure in our museum.

Who are we

Are you curious about the employees behind Museum Zaanse Tijd? Look here for more information about our staff.