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Time for Clocks


The existence of time is a matter of course for many people. The notion of time is at the heart of every community and plays an important role in all cultures. For example, the concept that people have about the concept of time says something about their way of life. For example, those who love nature will want to follow the changes of the seasons. Anyone who trades in shares realizes in the first place that time is precious and therefore has a strong need for a watch with a second hand. The need for tools to measure time varies with the way of life. Conversely, these tools provide us with insight into the way people live and think.
TIME FOR CLOCKS contains a brief history of timepieces and horology illustrated through the so-called Boom-Time collection, a unique collection of timepieces. The collection includes a rare example of the first pendulum clock that was still made under the auspices of Christaan ​​Huygens.
In a historical overview describing the development of Dutch watchmaking from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, attention is paid to clockwork techniques, in particular the pendulum clock, the design of the cases and the international influences on technology and design. Attention is paid to the great technical challenge of equipping the timepiece in such a way that it also indicates the correct time when it is taken on a journey; by land and by sea, despite cracks and potholes in the road and despite the possible swell of the sea.
In the second part of the book, the individual items from the collection are discussed with attention to the movement, the dial and the case. A glossary of the various technical terms used in the book is included.

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