Search, puzzle, colour and play at Museum Zaanse Tijd

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This summer holiday there was plenty to do in Museum Zaanse Tijd. Visitors could do puzzles, go on the Quest, play games and colour. There was, for example, a colouring page of clock friends Atlas and Minerva which could be coloured in. And so many people did!

Not only did the children enjoy coloring, other visitors also liked to take a moment of rest, surrounded by Zaan clocks. The coloured colouring pages were hung up and could thus be admired by the visitors for quite some time.

For now the colouring has to give way to the upcoming fall/winter sundials activity that will hopefully be done with just as much enthusiasm. The colouring pages of Atlas and Minerva can still be downloaded on our kids page. And, you can still puzzle, search and play, so come by!

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