Museum Zaanse Tijd is a museum of international allure that inspires young and old with stories about time, craft, art and history. A real crowd puller, not only because of its versatile permanent collection, but also because of the high-profile exhibitions.
The museum is one of the top attractions of the Zaan region and attracts visitors from all over the country to the Zaanse Schans.

Become a sponsor of the Zaan Time Museum and make a long-term commitment to the museum of the Netherlands with a national interest and an international audience.

As a sponsor of Museum Zaanse Tijd you support the vision of the museum: connecting people, culture, art and history.

As a sponsor you can develop activities for your company, organise receptions for your stakeholders or network with the involved partners of the Museum Zaanse Tijd.

You can connect with us at various levels: from main sponsor to clock sponsor to partner of an exhibition.



Culture and sponsoring can no longer be thought of separately from each other. Culture stands for relaxation, fun, cooperation and deepening. All things that companies would like to be associated with. A logical consequence is: sponsorship!

In addition to the positive association, sponsorship also perfectly fulfills the advertising objectives of companies and offers a platform for networking.

Due to its unique positioning as the only clock museum in the Netherlands with an association of friends of more than 500 members, with other museums in the Netherlands or partnerships in the field of Science Centers, the exceptional location on the Zaanse Schans, with successful combination options here or elsewhere in the Zaan region; the beautiful historic atmosphere means that Museum Zaanse Tijd has an appealing proposition for its existing and potential sponsors.

In short: Museum Zaanse Tijd is a museum with tradition, which stands for fun, depth and quality. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities of linking your company name to Museum Zaanse Tijd and thus becoming part of our beautiful Zaan heritage.



If you want to give your company a socially and culturally involved appearance, there are possibilities to link your name to us. We offer companies attractive sponsorship opportunities that match your wishes and needs. You can think of extra publicity and exclusive receptions for your employees and relations. Packages can be made to measure, so that we can determine the best form according to the wishes of your organisation. There are various sponsorship options, ranging from (main) sponsorship, exhibition sponsorship and one-off donations.

Thanks to our sponsors we can create unique exhibitions and we can continue to invest (for the future) in our permanent collection. In this way we offer the Zaan region a view of the world and the world a view of the Zaan region.

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ABOUT Museum Zaanse Tijd

Museum Zaanse Tijd has been located on the Zaanse Schans since 1976 in a rebuilt historic typical Zaan building. Since 2002, the museum has the status of a registered museum.
Museum Zaanse Tijd focuses on the history of the Zaan Clock in the context of the history of timekeeping in the Netherlands, with the most representative and high-quality presentation possible of the technological development of the Zaan regional industrial area and the technical development of timekeeping in the Netherlands. This in a historically responsible way, for the widest possible audience.
To this end, we want to be a worldwide ambassador for the iconic Zaan Clock, to bring the development of Dutch timepieces in general to the attention and to unravel and propagate the concept of time in all its facets.