In our Amsterdam style lounge is decorated in the style of the 18th century so that the clocks can be seen as they were once intended. Most eye-catching are the magnificent Amsterdam longcase clocks with automations and music. Next to the longcase clocks, you will also find pocket watches in our special display case called “Time flies”, in which you can literally see the time fly as a constellation!

Featured: Whale Hunting automation Longcase Clock

This longcase clock can be found in the Amsterdam lounge. This is a longcase clock made by Nicolaas Wyland in Amsterdam (ca. 1755) with a so called ships mechanism. The ships are whaling. Two polar bears watch. A ship is shattered in the pack ice. Eos and Hekate symbolise the vicissitudes of the hunt. Within this framework of danger, we see a dynamic and true-to-life picture of whale hunting. The catch of the whale is central. In the Zaan region, good money was made on whaling. Many people had shares in the shipping companies. And before and after the hunting season there was a lot of work to do. The movement of the clock is placed upside down, which leads to unusual positions for the indications on the dial.