The Zaan room is filled with the iconic Zaan clocks. Like the Amsterdam lounge, this room is furnished in an old-time style. The many clocks, although the same kind, are all unique and special in their own right. They all have different decorations and there are even some that work in a very special way. In addition, attention is also paid to clocks that, although not too old, are still very well-known, such as the Zaan Albert Heijn clock that can be admired here.

Featured: a Zaan Saw Clock

This is a very early so-called saw clock (ca. 1678) by Kornelis Michielsz. Volger. At some time, Kornelis Volger settled in the Zaanstreek (Wormerveer), where he could benefit from the economic boom in these days. As an example of his mastery, he made this unique clock, which drives both the going train and the striking mechanism by its own weight. Also notice the little man on top of the clock that strikes the bells. The second hand indicates how accurate the clock is. Despite its international allure, the clock has the typical Zaan shaped wheels, with spokes that end in a heart shape, just like those of the metal wheels we find in sawmills.