Walking difficulties?

We try to make Museum Zaanse Tijd accessible to as many people as possible. For example, people with a disabled parking card can park right in front of the museum. There are two disabled parking spaces here.
The Zaanse Schans also has accessible bridges and disabled toilets. The latter can be found at the main entrance and in the Zaan Museum.

In addition, we have a mobile ramp at our entrance. Unfortunately, wheelchairs with a large or tilted seat do not always fit on or through the door. There is a limited number of wheelchairs available at the Zaan Museum.
You can book these via +31 75 681 0000 or info@zaansmuseum.nl.

Due to the nostalgic and historic character of our listed monumental building, it is difficult to take further measures for people in wheelchairs. For example, an elevator is not an option. It is nevertheless possible to come and admire most of our museum, everything from our permanent collection presentation on the ground floor. Our employees and volunteers are happy to help you! In addition, the entrance for accompanying persons is free.

In high season, the bicycle taxi is also a nice way to get to and from the station, the windmills, but also Zaandijk and Haaldersbroek. Most types of wheelchairs can be taken along.