One of the most picturesque parts of the Netherlands, near Amsterdam, is the Zaanse Schans. In the middle of this unique area Museum Zaanse Tijd is located, which provides a charming and informative insight into the history of the Dutch and especially Zaan Clock industry by presenting a large collection of beautiful Dutch timepieces and tools. Our museum is a ‘must’ for anyone interested in the history of the Zaan region, the origin of Dutch prosperity, the craft of clockmaking and the meaning of time.

Museum Zaanse Tijd presents in its newest exhibition Coffee Time! the well-known 70’s vintage coffee service.

Subdued in the atmosphere of the 1970’s you will find everything about the service, stamps, Zeeman & Stender and all 16 clocks shown on the service.

The clock service was a hit for sparing coffee drinkers, who could collect the 22-part service, from coffee cups to breakfast plates and even a cake set. The breakfast table was therewith embellished by the rich Dutch clock culture of the 17th and 18th centuries.

We show all sixteen clocks, that modeled for the images on the service. This includes the famous Zaanse Klok, the Frisian Stool clock and the eastern Dutch ‘Ruempol clock’. On the coffee pot is a legendary Dutch Longcase clock from 1750. The milk jug for the the coffee creamer shows a so-called ‘Skipper clock’ from 1820, a miniature tail clock from Friesland.

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